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Our Chemical Health Assessment Services help attorneys, families, trusts, and employers to meet their specific needs. Regardless of whether a client’s motivation to complete an assessment is the result of legal consequences, urging from concerned family and friends or a personal desire to confront substance abuse problems, a chemical health assessment can be a vital resource on the road to recovery.

When is A Chemical Health Assessment Needed?

A chemical assessment is recommended and may be required if you are:

In certain situations, chemical assessments are required by the court. Our chemical health assessments Provide attorneys and courts written documentation that includes a narrative summary, testing results and clinical recommendations. Written assessments can be created using either SASSI or ASUD-R screening questionnaires, the two most widely recognized assessment tools. Assessments provided by AiR are evaluated and prepared by trained clinicians and meet all county and state requirements.

With the help of an attorney and the services provided by AiR, the road to recovery should be a little smoother without worrying about the legal ramifications of one’s past mistakes. If you know someone that could benefit by AiR’s services, act now.

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More About the Assessment Process

A chemical health assessment is an important first step in establishing a client’s needs in regard to substance use concerns. The evaluation consists of collecting biological, social, psychological and historical personal data. This information is gathered through interviews and diagnostic screening materials. An analysis of these results provides a clear picture of the client’s substance abuse and dependence factors. This information is essential to making the appropriate professional recommendations for follow-up, whether it be in-patient or out-patient substance abuse treatment, therapy or other measures.

AiR provides its clients with comprehensive substance abuse assessment services. Whether the purpose for completing an assessment is to meet a probation requirement, for license reinstatement, a court appearance, and personal issues or for helping a child or a loved one AiR can assist. We utilize both ASUS-R and SASSI Chemical health assessment and drug addiction assessments tools. These unbiased, objective and highly regarded assessments are administered and interpreted by our licensed accredited evaluators. The ASUS-R is appropriate for clients 18 years of age or old, whereas the SASSI assessment is available in two versions for both adolescents and adults.

Both the ASUS-R and SASSI chemical health assessments are extraordinarily accurate. A common concern about these assessments involves the client who may be in denial about their substance abuse or strongly resistant to the idea of of substance abuse treatment, Minneapolis. Some might ask, “Couldn’t a person easily minimize their use by portraying it dishonestly in the assessment?”. The answer lies in the comprehensive nature of chemical health assessments. Many of the subjects and questions comprising the assessments are seemingly unrelated to substance abuse but provide strong indications of the level of abuse or dependence.

Identifying a problem is always the first step in working towards a solution. This is especially true in the case of substance abuse. The insight and experience of skilled evaluators combined with the use of state-of-the art assessment tools provides a clear and reliable picture of an individual’s involvement with alcohol, drugs or other substances. Often this is an eye opening experience for both clients and their loved ones, providing a powerful and irrefutable case for the pursuit of sobriety.

A Note About Privacy

By their nature, a chemical health assessments contains confidential information. This information is ONLY released to third parties after the individual has provided his/her consent by signing a release of information form. Under no other circumstances will AiR share information regarding substance use or any other confidential information.

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