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AiR’s Model is a family based approach which provides guidance and support to both the client and the family simultaneously. AiR understands that addiction is a family disease and should be treated as such. We do not replace institutional levels of treatment (such as in patient treatment, sober living or therapy) rather we supplement the whole process so that people can move through each stage of recovery successfully and avoid relapse.

The AiR Model helps to:

Bring the client and family together
Provide support and guidance as family members navigate the traditional treatment model
Stop the chaos and confusion of addiction
Move people into recovery

The Traditional Recovery Model is the traditional approach to behavioral health. As you can see, treatment typically separates the client and family so that each has their own separate recovery path. The Traditional Model doesn’t provide many resources or guidance throughout the process as each institution is its own entity (detox, inpatient, transitional living) leaving communication up to the client and the family. The Traditional model can become cyclical, often times with the patient relapsing multiple times and moving through the institutions over and over again. This is obviously discouraging to the client and family and can result in serious consequences for the addict.

Navigating the traditional model of treatment can be overwhelming and difficult, and you may not be sure where to start. AiR’s Model is specifically designed to help families through the traditional model and supplements the recovery process. AiR’s Model is not intended to take the place of the traditional model, but to add to it guiding the whole family through the recovery process together.

Become one of the thousands of families who have recovered through the AiR Model. Please call us today to talk about how our services can help you and your family down the road to recovery.

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