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Is your loved one struggling with addiction and refuses to get help? Have you already tried an intervention or treatment, only to have your loved one relapse? Have you lost hope of having a relationship with your addicted love one? Do you and your family still want to get well, despite what your addicted loved one wants? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our Family Addiction Coaching Program can help.

Our Family Addiction Coaching Program is a 1 year program designed to provide the family of struggling addicts and loved ones with support. The family is assigned their own clinician, independent of the addict, and has weekly over the phone consultations with the family to help them through this difficult time. AiR’s addiction coaching for families is designed to alleviate the stress, fear and challenges families suffer when trying to help one of their own recover. Assistance in Recovery addresses a family’s unique needs and tailors an action plan that supports the entire family system through the recovery process.

Family Addiction Coaching for addicts and their loved ones is an effective way to help families going through the recovery process, whether or not the afflicted family member is active in recovery.

Who is Family Addiction Recovery Coaching beneficial to?

Family members of any individual currently struggling or recovering from an addiction, mental health disorder or eating disorder.

Why is Family Addiction Recovery Coaching beneficial?

AiR’s behavioral health team provides clinical feedback as well as referrals, advocacy and long term case management to help the family uphold boundaries and move into recovery regardless of what is happening with their family member at the time.

We know that addiction is a family disease, and the best way to help anyone recover is to treat the whole family. If you would like more information on how Assistance In Recovery can help you and your family recover, please call us today 800-561-8158.

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