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Mental health disorders can be incredibly difficult to live with for both the individual struggling and their family. Your loved one may be withdrawn, hostile or just not themselves. Their work and relationships may suffer and the whole family feels the impact. Living with an untreated mental illness can produce a number of negative side effects that can impact an individual’s social, economic, and professional life.

Some of the most common mental health disorders include:

Assistance In Recovery offers a number of solutions for untreated mental illness including Mental Health Interventions to help the loved one into treatment and mentoring to ensure a successful transition back into life. AiR works with the leading treatment providers in mental health to ensure that your loved one will get the support that they need.

While helping your loved one understand the consequences of his or her untreated mental health, an intervention for mental illness can also urge them to get treatment, as well as provide you and your family with the support and strategies needed to improve life for the entire family.

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