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Drug addiction is scary. It effects all aspects of the addict’s life including finances, health and relationships. It is incredibly devastating when a loved one is battling a drug addition, especially because their use is not only hurting them, but also hurting those around them. This dangerous addiction can lead to a number of symptoms that can negatively impact your loved one, many of which include the following:

Even though drug addiction might seem too powerful to overcome, it is treatable. With the proper support and drug addiction intervention, you and your loved ones can counteract the effects of drug abuse in your lives, all while helping the addict.

The Process of Drug Interventions

Our highly trained and skilled interventionists will be the glue that holds the entire intervention together. This includes helping “raise the bottom” for the addict, as well as providing support for his or her loved ones on a consistent basis.

With the proper planning and the steady support of an interventionist, a drug addiction intervention can be highly successful and encourage an addict to get treatment once and for all. Even if the addict chooses to refuse treatment, the intervention process can do wonders for the family, as it encourages education, support and creates a solid plan to move forward with.

Using AiR’s proven method for drug interventions, the healing process begins with the family. We will speak with you regularly, help you become empowered, and provide you will all the tools needed to walk away from the intervention feeling a sense of relief and ease.

If someone in your family is struggling with a drug addiction, please call us today and learn more about how we can help get them into treatment and on the road to recovery.

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