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Andrew Wainwright founded AiR in 2002 with the hopes of setting a new precedent for helping struggling addicts and their families get well. Andrew, a gifted interventionist trained by Dr. James Fearing, (the direct successor of Dr. Vernon Johnson and creator of the Johnson Model of Intervention) found that intervention was an empowering and effective way of helping sick families get well. Thus began Assistance in Recovery, the first intervention company in the country. Andrew and Dr. Tom Savage, AiR's Clinical Director, shared a vision that the Johnson Model of Intervention could be expanded to address a wider variety of behavioral health needs. To that end they created the AiR Model of Behavioral Health Crisis Management, the internationally accepted standard for all forms of behavioral health intervention in the world today.

AiR's clinicians quickly realized that their clients needed more than just intervention. AiR introduced its Recovery Assistance Program in 2005; a case management program designed to build accountability and sustain recovery after treatment. The Recovery Assistance Program has yielded huge success with clients and families alike and recovery case management is now an industry standard of after care. AiR also began offering mentoring services to clients as a softer more gentle approach to addiction treatment when appropriate.

Assistance in Recovery has been redefining the role of intervention and recovery management for the past 12 years. The AiR Model of Intervention is now the standard of intervention practice today and we strive to be the leaders in the continuum of behavioral healthcare, education and advocacy around the world.

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